Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to my kitchen!

Hi, my name is Bebe and I like food. I take that back. I love food... good food...fresh food. I read about it, talk about it and I even watch it on television from time to time. I love to cook I enjoy cooking for my family and introducing them to new and different food concepts. Not fancy froufrou things, just food that looks good , tastes good and isn't too unhealthy for us. Making good  food in my opinion isn't difficult, it just takes a bit of planning. I try to shop locally and  prepare what is in season.  In this blog, I hope to share my passion for food and maybe a recipe or two.This is was today's lunch. I made a simple sandwich with freshly made  hummus, and left over tabouleh, slices of Kirby cucumber rolled in a sun-dried tomato flour tortilla.Yummy!


  1. yummm! God and I just ate and now i want to eat again--nice start and good luck with your new blog. As a Vegan, this dish is one that I am definitely going to try. Again with the YUMMMM!

  2. Thanks John, It is my hope that I can inspire folks to try to make something new and different at home. Not that there is anything wrong with dining out every now and again. :-)

  3. Something for a veg-head like me! That's california cuisine right there... yum!

  4. Hey its KC, maybe I'll see you ON TV some day! just make sure you don't "sell out" like RR. advertising for Dunkin Donuts!

    Hope your blog is a success!



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