Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quick Tomato Salsa and other tomato ideas

Quick Tomato Salsa Photo ©Bebe Naidoo 2011

I had a " mommy moment" last Wednesday. I stopped into my local Mexican produce store to buy whole wheat burrito wrappers and thought to myself that I should also buy tomatoes too. They had a big bag of them at a great price so I snapped them up without thinking. When I got home and looked in the refrigerator, I found the vegetable bin filled with roma tomatoes  from last Saturday's  farmers market trip.

That do you do when faced with too many tomatoes?

  • Roast  halved tomatoes drizzled with olive oil in a low temp oven overnight.
  • Dry them in a dehydrator
  • Can them. Use your favorite recipe, mine comes from the Ball Blue book
  • Sauce them. Chop them and cook them down with onions and garlic and Italian herbs 
  • Salad them. Slice or dice  with cucumber and onions
  • Salsa them! Like I did...  
Rough chop tomatoes (seeds, skin and all) along with onions and garlic and cook  in a little olive oil in a  non stick frying pan over medium heat  until everything has cooked down into a bit of a mush. Add a splash of vinegar and some chopped cilantro. Want it hot? add some chopped chili peppers or a squirt or two of Sriracha sauce or  your favorite hot sauce. There really are no measurements just cook it down and taste it, add the things that you like until it tastes good to you . YUM


  1. Now I know we are sisters with the same name! I love you taking the left wing from VW's and starting a cooking blog!

    Hands you a plate of fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and a heaping helping of mustard greens. (is actually eating it as I type) Have a great week Beebs!

  2. Tomatos! Did someone say TOMATOS!!! I LOVE THEM!

    [Bradd Laval]

  3. Astra, VW people are people first.:-) Bebe is me and I am her. We all have to eat!I have been cooking since I was 10 or 12, had to. Thank goodness I liked it.

    Bradd, Me too! Tomatoes say "summer" to me. I hope to post a few more once I process the pictures.

    Feel free to suggest recipes or food ideas. I can try them and post the results.


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